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What to Do After a Hit & Run Accident in Woodland Hills

It is extremely important that our community knows the criminal consequences that the State of California will impose on committing the crime of leaving the scene of an accident under the following situations:

  • If the accident caused damage to the property of another individual
  • And / or if the accident hurt someone else
  • If you left the scene or scene of the accident

The first criminal charge is based on the California State Vehicle Code California Vehicle Code 20002 (a) VC. The second is constituted or covered by the Vehicle Code 20001 (a) – Felony Hit and Run Involving Injury. It also includes death case causing property damage, injury or death. 

Both of these criminal vehicular charges are considered examples of hit-and-run. These types of criminal cases lead to heavy and different convictions and circumstances and the damages caused during the incident. Hit and run accident attorney help people involve in road accidents to get them their legal rights. 

Hitting, colliding, and fleeing or running from the scene of an accident, involving only property damage is a misdemeanor. However, hitting and running involving injury or death is a felony or as it is known a felony or major criminal case. If to this type of case, you add being or driving under the influence of alcohol. Drugs DUI that involves an accusation of hitting, hurting and / or hitting the road, it is very serious.

What is the Role of a Hit and Run Accident Attorney?

If you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident in Woodland Hills, you should understand the role of a hit and run accident attorney. If you don’t, you could end up giving away important rights that are available to you because of the actions of the hit and run driver. Here are some examples of situations where hiring an attorney could be beneficial to you.

  • A hit-and-run accident attorney can help victims of hit-and-run accidents recover financial compensation for their losses. 
  • A hit-and-run accident occurs when one or more drivers involved in an automobile accident flee from or don’t stop to provide assistance after an automobile collision. 
  • Hit-and run accidents result in significant physical injury and property damage, as well as fatalities that are often wrongful death claims. 
  • Hit and run accident attorney help people who are charge for someone’s else mistake. 

Hit & Run Criminal Charges

If you or your loved one is involved in a car accident and the result is property damage, injury, or death, the driver has certain obligations and duties. These duties include:

  • Staying at the scene of the accident
  • Provide and provide information
  • Assist anyone involved or injured in the incident

There is the case where a driver involved runs away, a driver fleeing the scene, without providing any insurance information. Driver’s license or assistance to possible injured, to avoid the consequences associated with guilt of the crime with or from injury in the collision. Drivers who hit and run most of the time run for various reasons

  • Because they supposedly panicked and left the scene
  • Because they didn’t have a driver’s license
  • Because they don’t have car insurance
  • Because they have outstanding arrest warrants and are afraid of being arrested
  • For all the aforementioned consequences together.

In case you are involve in hit and run case it is better to hire a hit and run accident attorney to get legal rights.

What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident?

Remember the most important thing in any of these situations you have to remain calm, especially if you drive under the influence of alcohol and hit the road. In many instances, some of the same factors may be at play. 

However, drivers under the influence chose to leave the scene of an accident to avoid being subjected to breathing tests or being arrested for DUI. There may also be situations where the driver is so affected that they overlooked the accident. 

A driver who leaves the scene of an accident in such circumstances, and is caught will likely be charged with DUI. If convicted, will generally face penalties for both offenses.

Generally, when a person is convicted of a crime, the judge has some discretion to decide. They analyze what, within a range specified by law, the person’s sentence should be. For example, a second DUI typically takes up to a year in jail, but judges rarely enforce the full year. 

When convicting a defendant for DUI, judges typically consider a variety of factors. These factors include whether the offense involved an accident, injury, or other aggravating factors. 

The fact that a DUI involves a hit-and-run accident (and vice versa) will not improve the defendant’s chances of receiving a lenient sentence. The most likely scenario is that the judge will increase the penalties for both offenses.

Hope this article helps you to know steps you have to take after hit and run accident in Woodland hills. It is better to hire hit and run accident attorney who can fight for your rights.

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