What to Wear on an Airplane to Protect Against Covid-19

Gone are the days where looking good was the primary motive of your airport looks. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus has now shifted from beauty to safety. If you have booked Direct flights from USA to India or someplace else, then you must be worried about finding a safe airport look.

While the passengers are taking every precautionary measure possible while taking direct flights to India from the USA. Others are looking for amendments that they can use to create the safest airport look. If you are confused about your clothing choices as well. Then you must use the top 10 tips on what to wear on an airplane to protect against covid-19 provided in this article.

Let’s learn the top 14 tips on what to wear on an airplane to protect against covid-19

Full-length clothes

As the Covid-19 virus spreads when it comes in contact with the human skin, health experts are advising passengers to wear full-length clothes. This will prevent the risk of getting in direct contact with the virus. So instead of your favorite short pants or skirts and shoulder-less or sleeve-less tops include a pair of ankle-length trousers and a full-sleeved top in your airport look.

Use full-body suits

These plastic full-body suits are current favorites of travelers all around the world. A perfect way to be extra cautious against the virus. These cover-all protective suits are working as armor against the virus.

A doctor recommended mask

The market is flooded with masks of different kinds. From avenger prints to florals, there is no design that you can’t find printed upon a mask. But instead of buying a mask for how it looks, buy it according to its capacity to protect you against the Covid-19 virus.

Buy a doctor-recommended mask that is proven to be efficient in the protection against the virus. And make it an inevitable part of your airport looks.

Ensure extra protection with face shields

Doubling the safety is always a great cautious step for preventing the Covid-19 virus. Airports are filled with passengers and airport staff and maintaining social distance while standing in check-in or boarding ques is hard. Thus, introducing a face shield in your airport look will help you prevent the virus more effectively.

Wear swimming glasses

Alike scientists working in laboratories cover their eyes with glasses to keep themselves safe from viruses and chemical fumes. You can wear swimming glasses to your eyes while taking a flight. As the Covid-19 virus enters the human body from the eyes, nose, and mouth, it becomes extremely important to protect our facial region against the virus. Thus, leaving your eyes unprotected might not be a good idea.

A pair of gloves

Gloves are a great help in ensuring safety against the Covid-19 virus. But to save yourself you must know the right way to war and remove gloves on your own. Otherwise, you may end up getting contacted with the virus.

Ask a health expert and learn the proper way to remove the gloves without spreading viruses. Using plastic gloves that can be sanitized regularly could be a prominent part of your airport look.

70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer

If you don’t know are unable to learn the right way to use and remove your gloves, then using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer would be a life-saving option. Sanitize your hand every time you are going to and you had touched a surface. Make sure your hand sanitizer has 70% or more alcohol content in it. Otherwise, the hand sanitizer won’t be completely effective on the Covid-19 virus.

Also, by using hand sanitizer instead of plastic gloves, you will help the planet by not increasing a pair of gloves in the already enormous stack of non-biodegradable stuff.

A pack of disinfectant wipes

Disinfecting your devices like your mobile phone that most of the time remains in your hands is very important. As the surface of the device can easily become prone to the Covid-19 virus. And the virus can stay living on different surfaces for different days.

Carry a pack of alcohol-based wipes and use them to wipe the surfaces of all the electronic devices that you are using.

Carry a disinfectant spray

Although every airline claim that they are disinfecting the entire plane after each ride, being extra cautious is of no harm. Carry an effective disinfectant spray and use it to sanitize your seats, table, window, and foot-rest area.

Pick up a toilet seat spray

Washrooms, especially public washrooms, are prone to many viruses and fungi. Avoiding going to the washroom while traveling short distances is easy. But if you are traveling long distances, then the need to use washrooms becomes inevitable. Thus, using a toilet seat spray will be a great help.

Using a regular spray as a toilet seat disinfectant may not be very effective. A toilet seat contains more germs than any other area. And a disinfectant specially made to disinfect them can only insure a fine job.

A thermometer

Keeping a close eye on your body temperature is an effective approach to minimizing the risks caused by the virus. Although at the airport you will go through a lengthy screening process before boarding the flight. But a little extra care harms no one.


Taking regular doses of Vitamin C and Zinc boosts your immunity and thus reduces your chances of getting infected by the Covid-19 virus. Except immunity boosters carry your regular medications. Also, carry paracetamol, cold and flu medicines along with you.

Bring your lunch

Alike the school days, carry your lunch box to the airport and avoid eating the airport or airlines food. Fill up your lunch box with food items that are easy to digest and are not watery. You can add fruit salad, vegetable salad, salsa, green sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches, nuts, and dry fruits to your lunch box.

Pack your cutlery

Using spoons and forks that can be touched by multiple hands doesn’t sound safe to anyone. Also, you can’t check the authenticity of the airline’s claims of providing untouched cutleries. Thus carrying your cutlery items would be a perfect choice.

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