Why Face Mask Detection System is Important?

In this pandemic period, wearing a mask is an important part of our life. Even, it is the best way to prevent Covid-19. Many countries believe that mask is the only choice for the safety of human beings. But, still here are some people who are not following the guidelines. They are not wearing a mask while going outside. With the help of face mask detection, one can identify the person who is not wearing a mask. Let’s find out more things about this system.

Why Detect Face Mask?

Nowadays, it becomes so important to detect the face mask that can be done through this system. This advanced technology helps to:

  • Identify the passenger without wearing a mask.
  • Send information to the authorities about the person who are not using a mask in a public place.
  • Identify the patients (especially isolated) who are not wearing masks in hospitals, organizations and health care centres.
  • Recognise the employees without a mask in offices and companies.

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Special Features

Here are some special features of this advanced technology that makes it so popular: 

  • Send Alert Automatically: – This face detection technology sends the information/alert to the concerned authorities automatically. Within few seconds, you can get data of those individuals who are not wearing masks.
  • Can Attach Multiple Cameras: – One can also attach more than one camera to this system. It helps to take pictures from different places.
  • No Need to Install New Camera: – This system does not require the new camera to install. You can install it in existing cameras (based on RTSP). Even, mostly hospitals, institutes and organisations use RTSP cameras.
  • Easy & Simple to Operate: – There are no tough rules to operate this system. It works as plug and play.

Where You Can See Face Mask Detection Technology?

The popularity of this system increases due to the Covid-19 & for safety. At different places, we can find out this advanced technology like as:

1) At Hospitals

  • It helps to track their staffs that are not using a mask during the shift.
  • It also monitors that admitted patients are wearing masks on the premises of the hospital or not.
  • If anyone found out without wearing a mask then an alert will be sent to the administration through this system.
  • This system also monitors those quarantine patients who are not using masks in the hospital.
  • In this way, it prevents hospitals from the symptoms of Covid-19.

2) At Offices

  • Through this system, one can monitor those employees who are not using masks during their working hours.
  • It also helps to maintain the safety guidelines during working hours of employees.
  • At the end of the day, this system sends reports through email or can be downloaded to the concerned authorities.
  • If any employee is not following the guidelines then this system will automatically send an alert to the manager or admin.

3) At Airports

  • At airports, this system is used to detect those passengers who are not using a mask during travelling.
  • The face of the passenger can be capture in the camera at the starting point.
  • If any passenger is not using a mask during travelling then this system immediately sends information to the concerned authorities.
  • In this way, one can take action on those individuals who are not following the guidelines of Covid-19.

4) Retail location

  • Every shopkeeper needs this system to check the people are wearing masks or not.
  • Without wearing a mask, one cannot enter the premises.
  • Even, it also monitors the precautions following by its staff, public and customers.
  • It also shows how you are conscious of health. Even, the customer will attract to your shop also.

How Does This Technology Works?

The working procedure of this advanced technology is awesome and easy. It works step by step like:

  • First of all, it is important to subscribe to a face mask alert on the app store.
  • After subscribing, you have to add an existing camera with this system. There is no need for a new camera for the installation.
  • Now, this system can get notifications/alerts for not wearing a mask.
  • Lastly, it sends the information or alert to the admin and authorities.


Due to Covid-19, we need to obtain more safety and security measures. Wearing a mask is one of the important parts of everybody’s life. It is so important to detect the face mask which can be done through Face Mask Detection System

This is an advanced technology that easily found out those people who are not wearing a mask. Usually, it is important to follow the rules and guidelines for our safety. Through this technology, we can make our country safe from the symptoms of Covid-19.

Our safety is in our hands! So, it is better to adopt safety guidelines and keep you and your family safe in this pandemic period.

Nicki Jenns

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