Why Marketing is So Important For Law Firms To Attract New Clients

To help grow your law firm, you need to get your name out there. To do that, you need to be smarter than your competition about how you market yourself and what tactics work for your business. Many lawyers will tell you that marketing is something that’s outside of their comfort zone and they aren’t sure how it will impact their image as a lawyer. 

However, if done right, marketing for law firms can be one of those smart investments that will pay off in new clients over time. The best way to understand whether or not marketing is right for your firm is by getting educated on all of the options out there and seeing which ones align with your goals and expertise. 

Role of Marketing in Attracting New Clients

The first step in developing a marketing strategy for marketing law firms is to think deeply about who your potential client is.  If you want to provide an excellent legal service, you must put aside the generalities and position yourself as the expert in your specialty, as clients are increasingly looking for specialists.  Remember that those people who urgently need your services will trust you rather than a general lawyer.

The question of whether we know our potential customers seems simple, but do we really know who they are?  The marketing for law firms that you are going to carry out must be oriented towards that target, in this way it will be much easier to know what type of content to create to attract their attention and where you can find your customers.

If you want to attract and retain your target audience, be clear about their objectives and concerns. Remember that today people seek to establish close, trusting and valuable relationships and this will be easier if you have empathized with them.

If you still don’t know in which sector to specialize, think about which clients are most satisfied with your services, which are the most profitable, and which are the most requested.

Another important aspect to take into account to make a good segmentation of your audience is the geographic scope of the marketing for law firms. If you are a franchisee, you are interested in publicizing your office nationwide, but if your office is local, just advertise in a city or even in certain specific neighborhoods for clients to get to know you and come to visit you. Thanks to geolocation, you can direct legal marketing actions wherever you want. In this way, you will not allocate your campaign funds to areas that do not interest you.

Marketing Helps to Target Audience

You have already defined the type of customer you want to attract, now what? Think about how you are going to capture it, with what tools and what are the legal marketing strategies that you want to follow.

Currently, having an online presence   is absolutely necessary for your office, since your potential clients are there. In this post we show you marketing strategies for lawyers, which combine the conventional channels that you have been using until now with a digital multi-channel strategy. By joining and providing feedback on these actions, you will be able to reach a much wider audience and meet your objectives. 

Are you interested? Keep reading, we offer you a series of tips to promote and reinforce the marketing for law firms 

Marketing Helps to Launch Advertising Actions for Lawyers

The marketing is one of the fastest ways to reach the audience you need. It enables you to make your brand known to a large number of people and position yourself in the online world. More and more firms are investing in digital marketing for law firms, since they can be very effective and much cheaper than other marketing strategies. 

We are not only talking about large companies, but it also opens the doors to new businesses thanks to its accessibility.  In addition, there are a large number of tools that allow us to measure and analyze the results of actions in real time. With the monitoring and measurement options that the network gives you, you will have everything under control to make your best decisions!

We explain two digital marketing actions that will help you advertise your law firm among your target audience:

  1. Digital marketing consists of placing advertisements in banner format (a small advertising piece) in the main digital media and websites throughout the country.
  2. What do you get out of it? Generate brand, generate visibility, so that your ad impacts your potential client and clicks on your ad while they are browsing the Internet. It looks good, right?

Social Networks to Publicize Your Law Firm

Who does not use social networks today? Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram are a revolutionary way to get visibility in a segmented way. Social media advertising, also called Social Ads, allows you to segment your ads by geographic area, demographics, interests, or behavior, among others.

You can use Facebook to target your ads to people who have expressed certain interests in your services, or even to find other users who have similar behaviors. If you have the emails of clients that you have already provided service to, through Facebook you can find them and direct your ads to their networks, since these people are likely to contact you again.

Take advantage of LinkedIn advertising to impact a more professional audience. LinkedIn may be an easier way than Facebook to reach a hiring manager for a powerful Barcelona company.

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to generate a direct sale through social networks, since this type of user usually navigates for social reasons and has no intention of buying. However, they will help you to be remembered by your users and potential audience.

Search Engine Marketing to Attract New Clients

Surely you would like to appear first on Google, Bing! Yahoo! when someone searches for “Labor Lawyer in Zaragoza”. We give you the keys so that your website is positioned among the first local results of those people who seek your services:

  • Search for the keywords that define the activity and the segment in which you want to be found. Do not forget that, for this to work, you must be clear about what you are going to specialize in, to know what keywords you want to bid.
  • Set up a” Search Network” campaign in Google Ads.
  • Create eye-catching advertisements that offer information.
  • Measure your results to establish points for improvement.

Although it is not a simple marketing for law firms, once optimized, it can be maintained over time in a controlled manner. Search engine advertising is a way to reach the public that is looking for your products, but it is much less effective when it comes to generating a brand and the expense is usually much higher.

SEO Marketing for Law Firms

The SEO strategy also consists of optimizing the positioning of the website of your office, but this time in a natural way. SEO is a more strategic but less tactical way than SEM, since it is a job that will pay off in the medium and long term. 

However, it is one of the most effective and profitable digital marketing strategies. Its main advantage is that if you manage to position your website by keywords associated with your business, the traffic that lands on your page will be highly qualified.

Get down to work and work on the following elements to achieve a good SEO positioning:

  • Create content aimed at meeting a need for your audience.
  • Improve the loading speed of your website.
  • Use the keywords in the content. Each page should rank a maximum of one or two keywords.
  • Includes audiovisual content.
  • Use bold, link internally to other content, link externally.
  • Activate comments from other visitors.
  • Use headings correctly.
  • Get external websites to link you. Eye! There should be few links from many domains, and preferably from websites of the same theme.

If you want your customers to find you, register in Google My Business so that your location appears when users make searches related to your business on Google or Google Maps.

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