Why Marriages are not Working Today ? What Astrologers Says About

Society has become a lot advanced today as people are changing. The advancement of the century has taken a toll on marriages. Today people are more liberated and open-minded, and hence they choose their life partner by themselves. People also believe in love marriages, and they get married to their lovers.

There is nothing wrong with the process and getting married to your choice of partner. However, people in India still believe in Vedic astrology, according to which the planetary alignment of a person affects his for a lifetime. We are mystical beings, and we are all bound to karma. Our karma decides which type of human being we would be in life and what our sufferings would be.

Hence even if one doesn’t believe in astrology, they can’t deny that some things can’t be explained, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. With the influence of modernization, people forget to get their horoscope checked by a professional astrologer. Some couples also do not believe in astrology, and hence they choose not to call any astrologer and get the marriage prediction.

This leads them to a dark aspect of life where marriage harmony is not guaranteed. This is because every person is born with a destiny, their doshas, and the fruits of their karma. In a marriage, when two people come together, the planets and stars of one person start affecting the other. These effects are not always positive, and hence after marriage, many people start experiencing a downfall.

The Astrological Incompatibilities Between Two People

Some people lose their businesses, some lose their jobs, some get financially weak, and some get unhealthy, and some even face life-threatening situations. So this is the result of not getting the kundalis checked by a professional astrologer.

When the astrologer checks your kundalis, he determines the doshas present in both kundalis. Afterward, he suggests astrological remedies to nullify the bad effects of those doshas. Thus when two people get married by consulting an astrologer first, the astrologer ensures that this bond will experience marital harmony and fewer conflicts.

In marriage prediction, when the planets of one person affect another severely that no remedy would resolve the situation, the astrologer concludes that the person should not get married to their potential partner; however, it happens rarely. The Mangalik dosha, for example, when this dosha is so severe that it can’t be cured, and if the person is not destined to live a marital life, the astrologer suggests the couple not to make the decision any further.

Seven House for Kundali Matching

There are a total of 12 houses in a horoscope, and each house represents different aspects of life. The seventh house, for example, represents marriage and partnership. A person’s matters related to marriage, relationship, and love are all indicated by their seventh house.

Thus when a person asks queries about their marital life, astrologers very first analyze their seventh house before moving any further.

Other than the seventh house, there are some planets as well that how weak, or strong the marital life of someone will be. Venus, for example, is called the planet of love as it determines the intimacy between the couple and how beautiful the relationship would be.

Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury are also the significant planets that conclude about the quality of marital life of a person. These planets need to be benefic and well-aligned with the 7th house to make the marriage matter strong. If these planets are malefic, the person is more likely to suffer in their marital life in different ways. However, by performing some astrological remedies, the malefic effects of these planets can be nullified.

2nd & 4th House in Marital Life

Other than the 7th house, the 2nd and 4th house come next that astrologers consider significant. This is because the 2nd house signifies family, and the 4th house is about domestic life and home environment. Those who have these houses strongly spend a harmonious and long life with their partner.

Some malefic elements in these two houses won’t get worse if all the elements of the 7th house are strong. It will keep the spouses from drifting apart and will always keep them together. Having a favorable 7th house means you will get a supportive and understanding spouse who will be by your side even after getting bad effects of 2nd and 4th house, which are the stressful situations in life.

Another planetary combination is about the Sun being in the 7th house, Rahu or Ketu are in the ascendant and 7th house, and Mars is in the opposition. This combination leads to a strong marital disharmony as the marriage will not survive.

There are several ways by which the marriage prediction happens and marital harmony can be checked. Hence it is important to get your horoscopes analyzed by a professional astrologer before you take the relationship further.

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