Why Should Men Add Chinos In Their Wardrobe?

Should Men Add Chinos In Their Wardrobe

Most men are tired of wearing the same old and boring pants. They are in search of something new and trendy. Although jeans look sexy and stylish, but wearing them, again and again, will take away your charm. Moreover, when you search for casual attire, then you are left with no choice. Want to look smart on your casual day-out with your friends? You can choose mens chino pants.

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It is a perfect alternative for jeans. Men look smart and well-dressed when they wear chinos. Moreover, chinos can completely revamp your wardrobe. Here, in this article, we will consider the advantages and style choice of chinos:

  1. Available In Different Colors

Chino pants are available in different colors, unlike jeans, only limited color variations are available. In earlier times, chinos were used by only military people. But, they have become fashion clothing. Also, these pants are confused with khaki. But, chinos are not limited to tan and dusty colors. There is a wide range of color choices available in mens colored chino pants.  

2. Comfy-Cool & Durable

There are three most important aspects of any clothing i.e., durability, comfort, and care! Men are lazy, and they want those clothes that need less ironing and less often cleaning. Chinos can be the perfect choice for these people. Chinos are perfect for men because of the following reasons:

  • Durability

Cotton or cotton blend fabric is used to prepare chinos. This kind of fabric is extremely durable and last for long. Thus, you can wear chino for a long hectic day and no need to worry about wear & tear.

  • Comfort-Level

The chinos are extremely comfortable and good on your skin. When you wear chinos, then you can enjoy high comfort the whole day long.

  • Care

Chinos are usually machine-washable, stain-resistant, and free from wrinkles. Thus, when you choose chinos, then you can be carefree and use your new favorite trouser, the way you want.

3. Casual & Semi-Formal Attire

Jeans are the only casual purpose, and they cannot be transformed into formal attire. No matter what clothing piece you pair with jeans, they will always remain casual. On the other hand, if you want to chinos are good for casual and semi-formal occasions. When you pair chinos with sophisticate white-colored shirts, then you are good to go on a semi-formal occasion. But, when you pair chinos with a t-shirt and bomber jacket, then it will completely change your appearance. It is very easy to change casual to semi-formal look.  You can also choose skinny chino pants mens for a semi-formal occasion. 

4. Chinos versus Cargo Pants

A confusion that has occurred recently has been between chinos and cargo pants. Most individuals believe that they can replace these types of pants, but even though there are some similar features, these two pairs of trousers are different. Just like chinos and khakis, most military outfits now use cargo pants as their battledress, or as fatigues. Although they may come in the same colors, the biggest difference between them is the number of pockets that they have. Cargo pants are known for their excessive amounts of pockets, which allow individuals to carry multiple items.

5. Where Are Chinos Appropriately Worn

Both of them have evolved from military backgrounds, but they have gone in three different directions. Chinos have gained popularity as a classic and premium style and can be worn with fashionable sweaters, casual shirts, and stylish jackets. But, chino pants look smart with jackets and make the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Khakis are considered much more casual. Cargo pants cannot be paired with sports jackets and are more suited for wearing around the house. If you want to look your best regardless of the type, stick with chinos. Chinos are perfect choice, when you want to look smart and different from other people.

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