Why Straight Shower Bath is a Great Choice for Your Bathroom

The Straight Shower Bath is the most popular bathtub choice in the UK. Bathtubs have long been an important part of bathrooms. These not only clean the body but also offer great relaxation and therapeutic effects. And experts believe bathing can be a great addition to a healthful routine. From relaxing and calming the body to easier breathing and much, there are a lot of health benefits associated with bathtubs. You may already be convinced that a bathtub is important for every bathroom. But if you are going for a new bathtub installation then, there are plenty of different options available for you. In other cases, if you cannot choose between bath or shower due to the limitation of space, then a new combination of both shower and bath can be a great addition for your bathroom. 

In this buying guide, you can discover a range of straight bathtub options available to you.

What is the Straight Shower Bath?

In case you want to enjoy both shower and bath in your bathroom and have limited space. Then you can easily install a shower head over the bath to convert it into a shower bath. However, a straight shower bath is specifically designed to combine these functionalities into one single unit. So, you can create an ideal combination of amenities. Although you have various options to choose from, like l or p shaped shower baths, these are simple and straight bathtubs where you can install a shower screen at the other end and convert it into a complete shower bath package. 

Why You Need a Straight Shower Bath?

These types of shower baths are a result of innovation to solve the problem of short space. While most of the bathtubs in the UK have limited space, many people were confused about whether to choose a bathtub or shower for their bathroom. The innovation of such a bath was the result of the idea to create a combination of both without having any impact on the bathroom space as well as costs. So, by installing these baths, you can still enjoy both amenities despite being limited in space. 

Features of Straight Shower Bath

There are the following benefits and features of a straight baths 

1-Combine Both Shower and Bath.  The biggest feature of this type of bathtub is that it combines both shower and bath functionalities into a single unit. That means you don’t need a separate fixture for it. It will save space and offer a perfect solution for bathrooms with limited space but still want both amenities. 

2- Cost Efficient.  Although the straight baths offer both functionalities, these don’t cost much more than a standard bathtub. You may only have an additional cost for the shower screen to prevent water splashes while showering. Otherwise, the costs are almost similar to other baths. In addition to that, the cost of installation will also remain the same. 

3- Fit Against Wall, Recess, Or Corners. These bathtubs have great flexibility in terms of where to fit. You have multiple options to choose from. You can install it against the wall, or in recess, or even along the corner. Such flexibility will help you in better utilization of space. 

4- Huge Selection of Bath Panels. Since two or three sides can remain open along with the wall or corner fittings, you will need the bathtub panel to cover such sides. You have a huge selection of different types of bath panels in various finishes like acrylic, wood, etc.

5Availability in different sizes. Because your bathroom can have different sizes, your bathtub should also have a size that can fit perfectly into the available space. That’s why these shower baths are available in different sizes that range from 1400mm to 1700mm. 

Is Straight Shower Bath Right Option for Your Bathroom?

You have read about different features of Straight Shower Bath. Is it the right kind of bathtub that you are looking for? If yes, then why not take the time and explore different options available at Royal Bathrooms UK’s online store. It is one of the leading retailers for all your bathroom fittings and fixture needs.

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