Yoga Poses to Avoid During Pregnancy

Yoga is one of the best and effective methods to maintain our health. It improves our mental awareness and concentration level so that we can do work more effectively. Here, we will discuss recommended and not recommended yoga during pregnancy.

Necessity of Yoga during Pregnancy!

Yoga plays an important role for women during the pregnancy period. It is not possible to do hard exercise for a pregnant woman. That is why; doctors always prescribed to do yoga during pregnancy for a fit and healthy body. Yoga helps pregnant women in numerous ways like:

  • It reduces stress & anxiety
  • Provide proper relaxation from muscles pain
  • It helps to remove lower-back pain
  • Through yoga, one can enhance the sleeping pattern
  • It also delivers lots of energy and strength along with a toned body
  • A woman can give birth to a healthy baby 

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But it is important to do the safest pose of yoga during pregnancy. A pregnant woman must avoid those poses that are not good for her pregnancy. Here are some poses that should be avoided during pregnancy:

1) Crunches

For a pregnant lady, it is important to take care of her belly because the belly is the home of the baby. There are some exercises like crunches and boat pose that are not safe for the belly. 

However, you can go with safe core exercises like forearm plank side forearm plank etc. In such a situation, visit a doctor to know the safest core exercises during pregnancy.

2) Adjusting Position (Twisting)

Twisting positions/postures also compress the abdomen which is not safe for a pregnant lady. Even, one can do open twists because they do not affect on baby. Here are some examples of adjusting the position to be avoided during pregnancy:

  • Twisting chair
  • Rotated triangle
  • Twisting crescent
  • Rotated half moon
  • Seated twists

3) Breath Reservation

During pregnancy, breath reservation methods should be avoided like kumbhaka pranayama. A technique that is also known as “kapalabhati” should be avoided because it is not safe for the baby. Both these methods are not suitable for the health of a mother and a baby. However, you can go with other breathing techniques like:

  • Belly breathing which is also known as “diaphragmatic breathing”
  • Ujayii breathing
  • Both these are helpful to keep the mind relax, calm and stress-free
  • These techniques are useful to carry a healthy pregnancy

4) Yoga in High Temperature

Women have to experience the increment of blood flow during pregnancy. In such conditions, pregnant women must avoid doing yoga in hot high temperatures or a hot room. High temperature also increases the temperature of your body which may be dangerous for the baby.

5) Poses Direct Related to Belly

If you are pregnant then you must avoid those poses that are directly connected to the belly or abdomen. The belly is a centre point for a baby and it needs more care and safety. Some yoga poses such as locust pose or salabhasana is not beneficial for the belly. In other words, any poses of yoga that is making pressure on the belly then avoid them immediately.

A baby grows in the belly of a woman and it is a very sensitive part during pregnancy. Any single harm on the belly or abdomen is not safe for the health of the baby. That is why stay away from those yoga’s that are directly related to your belly.

6) Lying Flat on Your Back

During pregnancy, a woman should avoid lying flat on her back because it may be complicated. A pregnant woman has to carry the weight of the child inside the abdomen. If you are lying flat on your back then it will be harmful to your veins. That is why; avoid this pose to a healthy pregnancy.

Some Yoga Poses Not to Avoid During Pregnancy!

We can remove stress and anxiety by doing yoga every day. But, for pregnant women, here are some examples of yoga that should be adopted in their routine like as:

1) Numerous standing poses

There are various standing poses of yoga are available which can be beneficial for a pregnant lady. For example:

  • Chair pose
  • Lizard lunge
  • Half splits
  • Expanding side angle
  • High and low lunge etc

2) Seating poses

During pregnancy, a woman has to go with some grounding/seating poses like as:

  • Child’s pose
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Janu sirsasana
  • Tadasana
  • Bound angle
  • Down dog
  • Wide legs forward fold etc.

3) Some Meditation & Savasana

Meditation helps to keep the mind calm, relax and it increases the thinking power of a person. Even, a pregnant lady must do meditation and savasana to keep the child healthy and fit. 

4) Poses for Facing the Labour Pain

Experiencing labour pain for women is so difficult. That is why; a woman has to be prepared for facing the pain during delivery. Here are some examples of these poses:

  • All standing poses
  • Malasana (garland poses)
  • Lizard lunge
  • Pigeon
  • Goddess pose

Final Words

During pregnancy, a woman has to take care of her child too. Yoga is good for health and well-being but you should go with recommended yoga only. A pregnant lady has to take care of her child and must avoid the above poses of yoga during the pregnancy period.

If you have any confusion then you can also consult at IVF clinic. At IVF, you can also clarify eating habits during weeks of pregnancy and much more. Experts and specialists will guide you properly regarding the recommended poses of yoga.


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